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Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

There is nothing like pure Vermont Maple Syrup and we take great pride in bringing you the best. We tap our own trees, collect and make our syrup right here in our sugarhouse on the banks of the Kedron Brook in South Woodstock Vermont.

We offer four different grades of syrup so there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for the perfect syrup for baking with or to make those morning pancakes a little extra special, be sure to stop by our stand to get your delicious maple syrup today! 

Available in plastic jugs of Vermont Golden Delicate, Amber Rich, Dark Robust, Very Dark

We offer our Pure Vermont Maple Syrup in four different grades; Golden Delicate, Amber Rich, Dark Robust and Very Dark. The different Grades of syrup are created by differing amounts of time the product spends being reduced down giving us the natural sweet flavor of maple with variety.


Gallon ~ 128 fl oz. 
1/2 Gallon ~ 64 fl oz. 
Quart ~ 32 fl oz. 
Pint ~ 16 fl oz. 
1/2 Pint ~ 8 fl oz. 


VT maple syrup grades copy